Nintendo's SNES Classic Sells 4 Million Units

It would appear Nintendo learned a valuable lesson from the NES Classic: If you actually make enough product to go around people will buy it. They've taken that lesson straight to the bank to the tune of 4 million SNES Classic units sold. For some context, that's about a third of what the Wii U sold in its entire lifespan and roughly a quarter of what the Nintendo Switch has sold.

According to Techspot, the numbers came out of Nintendo's annual earnings report. The report also stated that elusive NES Classic would be getting a brand new production run at some point in 2018. While the SNES Classic has proven tough for some consumers to hunt down, it's scarceness has been nowhere near what the NES Classics was. Hopefully, by the end of the year, nostalgic fans will be able to complete their collections and get that retro fix they've all been craving.

Nintendo is also hoping that interest in their Classic series will bring old-school gamers who may not be into current-gen consoles an appreciation for the Switch. They still have yet to announce a specific date for the NES Classic relaunch.   

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