New NVIDIA Geforce Driver Gets You Prepped for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

NVIDIA chose to surprise PC gamers this morning with a brand new WHQL GeForce driver release. The Game Ready 390.77 graphics card driver brings a host of bug fixes, tweaks, and new feature support for some of the newest releases. Headlining this new driver release is official support for Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The upcoming RPG is running on Crytek CryEngine and all pre-release footage of this game, even going back to its earliest crowdfunding days, has been visually stunning. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is releasing on February 13, so if you have already pre-ordered or are planning on picking it up at launch, this new NVIDIA driver is a must.

While Kingdom Come: Deliverance may be the belle of this ball, the Game Ready 390.77 driver is also showing love on a few other lovely titles. Metal Gear: Survive and War Thunder are receiving official support for NVIDIA’s Shadowplay Highlights feature. This feature allows the driver to automatically record and capture all the best moments while you play. No need to micromanage recordings or worry about your videos while playing.

Additionally, the popular MMO Black Desert Online gets NVIDIA Ansel support, allowing players to capture amazing in-engine screenshots and 360 degree panoramas. If you are interested in jumping in on the fun, you can grab the newest NVIDIA driver at the links below:

NVIDIA 390.77 Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

NVIDIA 390.77 Drivers for Windows 7/8 64-bit

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