Fortnite's Sniper Shootout Game Mode is Live for a Limited Time

Paragon seems to be the unfortunate casualty of all of Fortnite's continued success, but the Epic third-person shooter surpassed 40 million players before the recent map update. The developers continue to support the game in a big way, of course, and they've sparked a new event inspired by feedback from their community. The Sniper Shootout is live but you only have a limited time to play.

The devs revealed that any of the issues plaguing PS4 users at the login have been resolved, so everyone should be able to get some time in with this limited mode. No word on when it ends just yet, but we'll update once we have an idea.

If things get a bit busy with the launch of this event, check out our guide on queuing up. Hopefully, you won't have to wait very long to scope out your enemies.

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