Detective Pikachu Movie Begins Filming

In a lot of ways, a Detective Pikachu movie still sounds like a fever dream. Like, it can't possibly be a real thing. Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu? That has to be a rib, right? But no, it's very real. And to prove how real it is, the movie has officially started filming.

According to ScreenRant, Legendary/Universal have begun rolling on the live action elements of the movie. That means bringing in stars like The Get Down's Justice Smith to film in the real world, as Detective Pikachu and the other Pokemon are added in digitally in post-production.

However, there are apparently a few things that have changed. Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch apparently is no longer credited in the final script. The script is being credited to director Rob Letterman (Goosebumps) and Nicole Perlman (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy).

The Detective Pikachu movie is still in line for a May 2019 release. The idea is to film now and allow for a larger post-production window, so there's always a chance that things could go better than expected and lead to a bumped-up release window. But it'll still be a long wait, so in the meantime, get ready for the Nintendo 3DS game that's set to release in just a few short months.

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