CES 2018: Take Your Workout to the Next Level With Black Box VR

In the exhibition halls at CES 2018, you can find just about anything electronic and get a glimpse of the future. Fitness aficionados are also included in the target audience for some of technology’s newest advancements. Black Box VR is designed to be a full-fledged resistance training experience built to take advantage of the newest VR headsets.

Black Box VR was founded by Ryan DeLuca & Preston Lewis, some of the minds behind Bodybuilding.com and some of the most popular workout and fitness app for mobile devices, and allows VR users to gamify their workouts using the immersiveness provided by the HTC Vive. Initially, Black Box VR will be available at gyms and other public facilities, but there are plans to move the experience into your home in the future. The folks at Black Box VR claim that this system can replace an entire home gym.

To get a detailed look at what has gone into Black Box VR and how it all works, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke got a chance to speak with Ryan DeLuca on the CES show floor. Check out their chat below.

Those interested in Black Box VR can also check out the official website for even more information.

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