Act Now While Offworld Trading Company's Limited Supply DLC Lasts

Stardock and Mohawk Games have announced the release of the latest piece of DLC for Offworld Trading Company, called "Limited Supply." In the latest expansion for the free market RTS game, players will have to scrape together limited resources in order to progress through over twelve new missions. The DLC also introduces new advanced technologies to help players survive changing environments and limits on what can be bought or sold. 

"This DLC breaks the core rule of the base game," said lead designer Soren Johnson. "Buy what you want, when you want - as long as you've got the cash - doesn't apply here anymore. We've got changing environments, evolving tech, and some serious restrictions on what sorts of resources the player can buy and sell. Sure, you don't have to worry about another company buying you out, but there's bigger concerns in these scenarios - trust me."

Offworld Trading Company: Limited Supply is available for purchase through Stardock and Steam for $4.99.

The full version of Offworld Trading Company is available through Stardock and Steam for $19.99.

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