Endless Space 2 Adds 'Vaulters' Expansion Next Week

Endless Space 2 is still exploring the depths of space, but the time has come for Amplitude's 4X strategy game to expand. As part of the developer's annual Endless Day, Amplitude announced the first major DLC for Endless Space 2, simply called "Vaulters."

The Vaulters DLC introduces one of the Endless series' favorite civilizations, the titular Vaulters. Users who pick up the Vaulters will find some new abilities available to them. The Vaulters are able to teleport, as well as use all of the abilities of their super colonizer ship, the Argosy. On top of that, players can explore all-new heroes, technologies, buildings, and a new main quest.

Those looking for something a little more on the "free" side can pick up all of the community unlocks from the Endless Space 2 free weekend, which was held back in November. Players turned out in droves to help unlock the event's various stretch goals, including a new planetary anomaly, a new galaxy type, a new event, new ship modules, a Burra Techseeker hero, and a Mezari fleet skin. These unlocks are all available on the Games2Gether site, with more info available in the video below.

The Vaulters expansion is set to hit Endless Space 2 next Thursday, Janaury 25. For more, check out the trailer below.

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