Monster Hunter World Will Have One More Beta

Monster Hunter World’s release date is just around the corner at this point. We’re only a few weeks away from its January 26th launch on Xbox One and PS4. Before we get the full meal, however, PS4 owners will get one last snack sized beta.

Unfortunately, Xbox One owners will not be getting a beta of their own, but at least they don’t have long to wait for the full game. PC players will still have to wait until fall before they get a chance to play. 

Starting January 18th and ending on January 22nd, PS4 fans will get a chance to try out the three hunting missions that have been available in the last two betas along with a brand new hunt. Beta players will get an early chance to battle the Nergigante in a brand new hunt just a few days before taking on the entire bestiary of Monster Hunter World.

Along with the final beta announcement, Capcom also dropped a brand-new trailer showing off a plethora of elder dragons that you’ll get a chance to stalk in the series latest installment. Be sure to watch until the end for the reveal of the Deviljho.

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