Heroes of the Storm Burns a Trail for Blaze

Blizzard is wasting no time with the first new Heroes of the Storm character for 2018. The Nexus is about to get much hotter, as Cpl. Miles "Blaze" Lewis joins the fight from the StarCraft universe.

As one would expect, the Firebat brings a whole lot of fire-based firepower to the battle as a ranged tank character. Appropriately enough, his trait is Pyromania. This grants Blaze fiery armor that can also ignite nearby enemies. His other abilities also maintain his fiery motif:

  • (Q) Flame Stream: Blaze fires two streams of pure fire in any given direction, dealing modest damage to foes. He won't damage his teammates, but hitting a friendly Hero will reduce his Pyromania cooldown.
  • (W) Oil Spill: Oops, someone made him ink! Blaze will spill oil right in front of him, which slows down opponents. He can also use Flame Stream to ignite the oil, causing area-of-effect damage to his enemies and healing himself.
  • (E) Jet Propulsion: Blaze can charge shoulder-first right into the fray at a faster-than-normal speed. This takes a moment to start up, though. If he hits an enemy Hero, he'll stun them and cause minor damage.
  • (R1) Bunker Drop: Blaze calls down a defensive bunker that can house him and his teammates. The bunker itself can fire flamethrowers in multiple directions. If the coast is clear, everyone can exit the bunker and will have increased armor.
  • (R2) Combustion: Blaze can charge up and release a massive blast, causing initial burst damage and tinkering away at opponents' health over time. Combustion can be held down to increase its blast radius, but Blaze's movement will be slowed while he charges.

No word on when Blaze will make his way to the Nexus. But those looking to familiarize themselves with his abilities can check out the video below.

But that's not all! Blizzard also has a handful of skins ready to go for Blaze whenever he arrives, including a sleek Fel Reaver skin. Heroes of the Storm players can also look forward to new skins for Rehgar, Abathur, and Tyrael, as well as all-new sprays. Check out everything coming to Heroes of the Storm in the video below.

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