Overwatch Developer Update Includes 27th Hero, Competitive Tweaks, and More

Now that New Years Day is over, it's time to get back to work. That rings true for the Overwatch team as much as it does anybody else. That's why game director Jeff Kaplan (fresh off his stint as a human yule log) is ready to address the Overwatch faithful and offer a look at what's coming in the future. That includes the game's next playable character.

"One of the things that's most important to us is Heroes," Kaplan said. "Overwatch is a game about Heroes. And we are well along the path on Hero 27. We think the Hero is going to be awesome. We think the Hero is going to be needed. We're not really sure when the release date is. The release date is less important to us than getting the Hero right. We have the Hero in internal testing and, so far, we're having a ton of fun and making a lot of great progress."

Tuesday's Developer Update video began with a recap of the events of 2017. Kaplan then got into what's coming next. In the immediate future, that includes the Overwatch League skins and the start of the Overwatch League itself. The Blizzard World map (which debuted at BlizzCon 2017) is also set to join the official map rotation in the coming weeks, following a few tweaks.

Other changes include some tweaks to Competitive Seasons and the design philosophy surrounding them, the progression of the Overwatch storyline and the next lore-based event, the upcoming Lunar New Year, and more. Check out the full video below.

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