Do it for Shacknews Award 2017: Panic Button

A few years ago, we changed the Shacknews slogan from "It gets you chicks" to "Do it for Shacknews." This puzzled and angered some Shackers and left other folks wondering what it means to do it for Shacknews. Sometimes a person or company won't even know it but they are actually doing it for Shacknews. This might be the case for the inaugural winner of the Do it for Shacknews Award, Panic Button. The work-for-hire game studio's Nintendo Switch ports of Doom and Rocket League are a perfect example of what it means to do it for Shacknews.

Smaller game studios like Panic Button are frequently forgotten during awards season. They do the dirty work in game development. We are delighted to honor their hard work with the first ever Do it for Shacknews Award.

We create high-quality content, making original properties and offering co-development, ports, work-for-hire, and specialized skills such as high-end, low-level optimization and rendering.

Founded in 2007 by industry veterans, Panic Button is a video game studio doing a bunch of unique work (console, future hardware, VR, PC, and mobile). At our core, we're a reputation-based studio that takes on challenging work, and we deliver on our commitments. 

-Panic Button's official website

This year, Panic Button was able to port two games to Nintendo Switch that are near and dear to Shacknews. Doom was our Shacknews Game of the Year 2016 and Rocket League has been home to countless Shacknews Chatty Tournaments of Doom over the last few years. The achievement of bringing both games to Nintendo Switch in the same year is definitely a feat worth celebrating. It is the embodiment of what it means to do it for Shacknews. We salute you, Panic Button. You certainly have shown everyone how to do it for Shacknews!

Be sure to keep up with the rest of The Shacknews Awards as we celebrate the Year of the Games: 2017.

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