Psychonauts 2 Delayed Beyond 2018

With 2017 almost in the rear view mirror, it's time to start looking ahead to the anticipated games of 2018. However, there's one game that should probably get scratched off that list and that's Psychonauts 2.

Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer and Project Lead Zak McClendon offered an update on Psychonauts 2's progress, noting that the project had hit its first playable milestone. And while Raz was shown swinging across a 3D environment, that's just the beginning and getting to the final product is going to take a little bit more time.

"We're working through production," McClendon said in a video issued on Thursday. "We've got five full level teams, we're working on brains, we're working on more of the hub, we're working on gameplay systems, we're working on powers, we're working on all kinds of crazy stuff. We know more about, not only the size and the scope of the game that we're going to make, but how long it takes us to make and how long it's going to take us to make that good. And that's all really good news. The less good news is because of that, we know it is not going to be done in 2018."

With the extra development time, Double Fine hopes to have a more robust package for not only the general public, but also those who helped kickstart the project on Fig. Judging by the video released, the project backers will have plenty to like, as their physical rewards are coming along nicely.

To help lessen the sting of this release date setback, the aforementioned video goes more in-depth on the project's progress, which includes taking a first look at Raz's family. Check out the whole thing below. Psychonauts is set to release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 whenever it's finished.

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