Catherine: Full Body Coming to PS4 and Vita

Atlus Games surreal and erotic cult classic RPG/Puzzler Catherine is getting a remake for PS4 and PS Vita in the form of Catherine: Full Body. Fans may recall the tale of Vincent, a young man entangled in a tale of infidelity between two women named Catherine and Katherine, respectively. Players would navigate Vincent's social life during the day before solving tower climbing puzzles in a dream world full of talking sheep while he slept.

Full Body will up the ante with a slew of new features, the least of which is the addition of a third Catherine. The new character, "Rin" is a piano player at the bar that Vincent frequents. Her inclusion will allow for new story branches and outcomes for all four characters. New endings, levels and animated sequences are being added as well to flesh out the remake.

Players can also expect a new mechanic for the in-game puzzles that will allow them to move more than one block at a time during the tower climbing puzzles. Multiplayer online battles and the ability to cross-save on platforms should also be in the final version game. 

According to Famitsu, the game is being headed by Persona 5 producer Katsura Hatshino and is already about halfway through development. 

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