Nintendo Is Already Working On The Next Zelda Game

Now that the award-winning Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild experience has drawn to a close with the release of DLC pack 2 titled The Champions' Ballad, the development team over at Nintendo have already begun work on the next game in the Legend of Zelda series.

This information comes via Source Gaming, who received word from Breath of the Wild producer Eiji Aonuma that work on the next game in the series is already underway:

No big surprises there, really. Breath of the Wild is an incredible experience, and certainly one of the three most successful games in the current Nintendo Switch library. It won Game of the Year at this year's Game Awards, and is widely hailed as one of the best games in a series already known for groundbreaking action and design. It goes without saying that the game would eventually be succeeded by another entry to the series; we just didn't necessarily know that work on the next title would begin so soon.

We're not mad, though; doubtless few players would be, especially if the next game in the Legend of Zelda series is even half as good as Breath of the Wild has been. We don't know anything about the new title, of course, outside of the fact that it's currently being developed, but Switch players and Zelda fans alike are certainly getting amped up to learn more about the new title.

For those still getting their fill of Breath of the Wild's peerless exploration and dungeon solving, be sure to check out our complete Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide. And for those who may be new to the game, Shacknews also has plenty of great information on the base game featured over on our Breath of the Wild guide and walkthrough.

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