Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Launches 'The Last Jedi' Content Next Week

With "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" about to hit theaters next week, it means it's time for Star Wars Battlefront II to come hard with the tie-in content. And that tie-in content involves two of the new trilogy's lead characters, as well as some new locations based on the latest movie.

Finn will join the Resistance side, while Captain Phasma will join the battle on behalf of the First Order. The Last Jedi season kicks off this week, as players will be able to choose to side with either the Resistance or the First Order for weekly faction challenges. They'll be able to earn rewards, while Finn and Phasma will become available next week.

Next week will also see the debut of new multiplayer maps. Crait will be available for Galactic Assault, while D'Qar will open up for Starfighter Assault. Tallie's RZ-A2 A-Wing can also be picked up during Starfighter Assault games after next week.

Finally, Iden Versio's story will continue, as the Battlefront II campaign receives its next chapter.

All of these additions are free for Battlefront II owners and are set to arrive on Wednesday, December 13. More details can be found on the Battlefront II website and in the trailer below.

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