Bungie Locks Players Without Expansion Out of Destiny 2 Endgame Activities

Curse of Osiris is upon us as Bungie ups the ante with the latest expansion for their connected shooter Destiny 2. As expected, the developer has raised the level and power level caps for players as Guardians fight to gain new weapons and gear. Unfortunately, the developers have raised the required levels for high-level activities, which locks out players that haven't purchased the expansion.

Kotaku reports that the introduction of Curse of Osiris comes with the raised requirements for the Prestige version of the raid and Nightfall Strike. Originally, they carried a minimum of 300. Now, you must be 330. The problem is, without Curse of Osiris, you're capped at 305 (with mods). The Heroic Strike playlist isn't locked because of power level, but is locked nonetheless.

The original Destiny had similarly egregious practices when it came to expansions, but this shows that Bungie has committed to the format despite the concerns raised before. Locking off entirely new content in an expansion makes perfect sense, but putting old content behind a gate is questionable. With major devs in the industry under a microscope already, the game may not get a pass as easily as it did before. What say you all? Hit Chatty and let us know your thoughts. Our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide is available for all planning to stick around!

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