Nintendo Games Are Coming To NVIDIA Shield In China

Nintendo tends to keep their franchises very close to the chest, something that was universally understood and was the basis for shock when Nintendo decided to take their games mobile with Super Mario Run. It looks like Nintendo may be opening up to even more opportunities as they've allegedly made an agreement with Nvidia to bring Wii games to the Nvidia Shield.

The news comes via a Niko Partners analyst that focuses on the digital games market in Asia and originally shared this deal in January of this year. Now he's offering up some more details with a couple tweets:

He adds there's no word on if those games will come to the Shield in the West and he has no insight on how this will impact Wii emulation on the Nintendo Switch. 

The Shield is a streaming device that gives consumers convenient access to media apps, games via the Geforece Now subscription service, and games via GameStream from your personal PC. This deal will add some interesting titles to the collection and will hopefully be merely the beginning of a new trend that sees Nintendo expand their content to other platforms.

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