Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

As if the Mega Man 11 announcement and the Mega Man X Collection announcement wasn't enough for Mega Man fans, now there's something extra for Nintendo Switch owners to get excited about.

Both Mega Man Legacy Collection compilations, which collect the first ten main series Mega Man games, are now set to come to Nintendo Switch. The first Legacy Collection released back in 2015, a collection that pleased us here at Shacknews. The second Legacy Collection released earlier this year and felt a little lesser, but nonetheless was deemed passable here at Shacknews.

The Switch version of the original Mega Man Legacy Collection is slated to receive a special "rewind" feature, similar to another Capcom compilation, The Disney Afternoon Collection. Those who already own the Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will also get this feature, via a free update.

More details on the Switch versions of the Mega Man Legacy Collections are expected to be revealed soon.

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