Street Fighter V Leaving Early Access, Showing Off Arcade Mode Next Week

It was revealed after launch in February of last year that Capcom was flirting with the idea of an Arcade mode for Street Fighter V. Yes, they were considering a feature that certainly should have been a part of the game's launch. Well over a year after launch, SFV: Arcade Edition was announced and fans will get their first look at Arcade Mode via live stream on December 4.

Thankfully, this edition of the game won't require an additional purchase as it typical with Capcom fighters. Arcade Edition will be a free update for all owners of Street Fighter V, but DLC characters will still need to be purchased with Fight Money or real money. The Arcade Edition update will include a new UI, Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, a gallery, and new V-Trigger moves.

If you want to see what the all new Arcade Mode will bring to the table, check out the official Capcom Twitch channel at 3pm PT on December 4.

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