Where to Find Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2

Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2 are a European Dead Zone planetary item that is used to increase your ranking with Devrim Kay. Sometimes one of the daily challenges on the EDZ is Scavenger, a task that sees you collecting and farming 10 Dusklight Shards. This is quite a bland challenge, as it can take a long time to collect all those planetary materials – thankfully there’s a way to easily find Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2!

Where to find Dusklight Shards

Collecting 10 Dusklight Shards for the Scavenger challenge on the EDZ is a relatively simple task, but it can be time consuming trying to find these little crystals in the wild. However, by exploiting Destiny 2’s loading zones, you can effectively collect the same Dusklight Shard repeatedly, completing the Challenge in minutes.

To quickly collect the 10 Dusklight Shards, find the crystals in the wild and pick them up, then find the nearest loading zone (often located between two areas) and pass through it. Once you reach the new area, turn around and head back to the crystal and, if done correctly, you should be able to collect it again.

A good place to perform this exploit is in Maevic Square, the area to the east of the Trostland fast travel point. The reason for this is because of Maevic Square’s size: it’s relatively small but offers a lot of potential spawn points for Dusklight Shards.

Start at the Trostland spawn point and head to the right side of the church, being sure to take the path that leads towards Maevic Square. Once you enter Maevic Square, search the area for a Dusklight Shard and collect it. As soon as you collect the Dusklight Shard, turn around and head back to Trostland. When you see the Trostland area load, turn around and head back to the Dusklight Shard and collect it again. It’s as simple as that, and saves a lot of time if you want to get the Scavenger challenge done quickly.

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