Horror Goes Mobile In Neverending Nightmares For iOS And Android

Psychological horror as a genre is not only somewhat rare, but also somewhat hard to do right. There needs to exist a tension that isn't based on frustration nor on jump scares; a truly psychological horror game will instill terror in players without having to rely on decades-old horror tropes. Fortunately, Neverending Nightmares seems to have gotten the recipe just right. Infinitap Games' monochromatic horror title has been kicking around Steam for a few years, where it's managed to garner mostly positive reviews, and now the game is bringing fear into the public arena with an all-new version designed for mobile devices.

Following the story of a young protagonist named Thomas, Neverending Nightmares tasks players with dealing with creatures that have been stripped from Thomas' nightmares and turned to reality. The game was inspired by the creator's own battles with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and manages to create a brooding and discomforting atmosphere thanks to its black-and-white artwork, unsettling score, and dynamic lighting system. Players can check out the game's distinct style in the fresh new mobile trailer featured below.

Things are about to get real, and real fast at that, as Neverending Nightmares is releasing for iOS and Android devices tomorrow. And though it's generally recommended to play the game with headphones on, don't let this trick you into thinking you're alone; while playing the game implies a willing submission to the potential for fright, screaming loudly and scaring others in public can only end badly.

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