Arms 4.0 Update Gets Spiritual with Misango

Nintendo is heading into the deep jungle for the next Arms update. Say hello to the game's next fighter, the dreadlocked pugilist Misango.

In addition to some hair to die for, Misango comes with a special artifact that will occasionally grant him unique abilities by acting as a mask. The red spirit will offer flinch resistance, the blue spirit will up his mobility, and the yellow spirit will auto-block while his rush combo is active. What color Misango gets depends on timing.

Misango will come to the battlefield with his Scorpio, Glusher, and Skully Arms, each of which will have their own distinct traits. Most notably, they'll all inflict poison damage, which will stack over time. They'll also be added to the Get ARMS game mode, which will allow players to earn them for other fighters.

The Arms 4.0 update will also introduce the Temple Grounds stage, which sees players fight on a spiritual palace. Watch out for those columns, because they don't look too sturdy.

For more on Misango, visit the Nintendo Treehouse log and check out the video below. The Arms 4.0 update is available now.

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