New Valkyria Project Announcement Coming Later This Month

The Valkyria series arrived with a fresh, accessible take on the strategy genre and a lovely art style. The series experienced highs and lows on various platforms and a portal created by Sega has gone live, revealing that a new game based on the Valkyria properties will be revealed on November 20.

The website sharing the announcement doesn't give much away about this next Valkyria project. Valkyria Chronicles was a wonderful and engaging experience that blended turn-based strategy and action gameplay by giving players a limited space of full freedom in which to operate. The game did well across its main three entries, despite them coming on two different platforms. The first debuted on PS3 (a remastered edition is now on Steam) and the second and third were both on PlayStation Portable. The most recent game, though, changed the entire formula and wasn't received well.

Valkyria Revolution took the series away from its strategy roots and adopted a more traditional JRPG style with some tactical elements, resulting in a cumulative Metacritic score of 55 at the time this article was written. On November 20, we'll see if Sega returns to strategic gameplay that launched the Valkyria world off or doubles down on the stylings of Revolution.

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