Qudans Knocks Out Echo Fox's Two Best to Win Tekken 7 World Championship

After an already eventful evening that saw Final Fantasy XV's Noctis join the Tekken fold, the Tekken World Tour has come to a close for 2017 and it ended in exciting fashion. While Tekken fans were largely expecting the champion to fly an Echo Fox banner, it was Byung-moon "Qudans" Son that surprised everyone and knocked off Jinwoo "Saint" Choi to become the Tekken 7 World Champion.

Qudans was a maelstrom of fury throughout the day. He cruised through the Round Robin stage and ultimately found himself in the Grand Finals against Saint, who was one of the most dominant Tekken players throughout the entire season. Saint stood by his Jack-7 that has garnered him so many victories, but Qudans was able to reset the bracket with his Devil Jin. While Saint fought back, Echo Fox's own was unable to put his opponent away, allowing Qudans to just keep making more and more miracle comebacks.

That wasn't the only highlight from that final set, as Saint looked to have Qudans on the ropes. That's when Qudans came back with a (literal) last second Rage Art.

The Grand Finals was preceded by a thrilling battle between Qudans and Hyunjin "JDCR" Kim. Qudans took an early 2-0 lead and was looking to cruise to a Grand Finals berth over one of the tournament's heavy favorites, until JDCR made the switch to Heihachi. JDCR's Heihachi got him right back into the series, but Qudans was ultimately able to adjust. Taking the next match to the Devil's Pit volcano stage, Qudans was ultimately able to keep his distance and eliminate JDCR with a Time Out victory.

Only the most hardcore of Tekken fans saw Qudans coming. While JDCR and Saint topped the Tekken World Tour rankings, Qudans came in right behind them in 3rd place. While Echo Fox's Tekken duo will be considered top of their class, it is Qudans who will be considered the best in the Tekken world after tonight's performance.

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