Hearthstone Bids Farewell to Death Knight Heroes in Arena in Next Update

Hearthstone players running through Arena may have noticed that since Knights of the Frozen Throne was released, Hero Cards have been offering quite the advantage. Depending on the Hero Card chosen, the Death Knight Heroes have offered up near-limitless resources and overwhelming power.

That's why next week, Blizzard will be saying goodbye to Hero Cards in Hearthstone's Arena mode. Here's the official statement from Community Manager Christina 'Zeriyah' Sims from the Battle.net forums:

"Starting on the morning of Tuesday, November 14 PST, we will remove the nine Knights of the Frozen Throne Death Knight Hero cards from the Arena draft pool. While the Death Knight Hero Cards are exciting and powerful to play, their permanent Hero Power upgrades are hard to combat in a format where answers are limited.

"We will continue to monitor Arena balance and make changes on an as-needed basis. Please note this change does not remove Death Knight Hero cards from existing drafted decks."

This is the latest major change to hit Arena mode since the game's October 17 update, which focused on the pesky Vicious Fledgling. And like the Vicious Fledgling, the Hero Cards' removal from Arena has been something that a chunk of Hearthstone's community has been requesting for some time, with high-profile streamer Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan leading the charge. Watch his original video below and prepare for the end of Death Knight Heroes in Arena with next week's Hearthstone update.

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