Mass Effect N7 Day Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary (and Little Else)

Today marks N7 Day, the Mass Effect anniversary day. But more than that, today marks ten years of the Mass Effect franchise. With that, BioWare is taking a look back at the last decade in the franchise with a commemorative video.

With today marking ten years of Mass Effect, fans would think that BioWare would at least offer a tease for what's potentially to come. Those people would, of course, be wrong. Those who were hoping for a big announcement or even a slight tease from BioWare regarding Mass Effect's future will come away disappointed. That's because Mass Effect remains on indefinite hiatus with no sign that Electronic Arts will bring it back anytime soon, if ever.

The Mass Effect website details streamer schedules, details on Multiplayer APEX missions for Mass Effect Andromeda, and a note that "We can’t wait to see what the future holds." Of course, whether the Mass Effect franchise even has a future remains to be seen, especially with BioWare Montreal folded into Motive Studios.

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