BlizzCon 2017: Kobolds & Catacombs is Hearthstone's Next Expansion

Hearthstone has one more expansion set to go for the Year of the Mammoth. That expansion was revealed during Friday morning's BlizzCon Opening Ceremony. That expansion is called Kobolds & Catacombs.

The cinematic sets up whimsical adventure, pointing to dragons and treasures. But also Kobolds! Many Kobolds! Don't you take their candles!

Blizzard only offered a single hint towards the card game's next expansion, that being Marin the Fox, which is being offered to all Virtual Ticket holders. And while that pointed to a pirate-themed expansion, that now appears to be a misdirect, as players will dive into the deep catacombs and search for treasures. With that in mind, one of the newest Hearthstone mechanics will center around treasure chests, which pack powerful spells.

Another new mechanic includes the 'Recruit' keyword, in which players pull a copy of a minion from their deck and bring it onto the battlefield.

This expansion will also introduce Legendary weapons, with one for available for each of the game's nine classes. These weapons will have their own attack stats, but also include some insanely powerful effects.

Solo players will also find a brand new mode called the Dungeon Run. Here, players will face off against eight random boss characters. Defeating bosses will add new cards to your Dungeon Run deck. Losing to a boss, however, means the deck gets trashed, which essentially turns Hearthstone into a roguelike card game.

The Kobolds & Catacombs expansion is set to release in December. Marin the Fox, however, is coming to the game this Monday.

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