Star Citizen Shows Off Earth-Sized Planet You Can Explore

CitizenCon 2947 just wrapped up and, as usual, some seriously impressive Star Citizen content was shown off. One of the major reveals was the Pioneer, a ship that will allow players to colonize within the game's persistent universe. Another reveal could be impactful outside of Star Citizen's world, though. During this CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium Games showed off their procedural city technology by giving us a glimpse at Arccorp, an Earth-sized planet covered in man-made structures.

Cloud Imperium co-founder Chris Roberts took the stage for the keynote address at CitizenCon 2947 and laid out a few plans for the major 3.0 patch. 3.0 will expand playable areas with procedurally generated moons and a planet-like asteroid with a mining facility, improve ground-based and ship combat, add a trading system, welcome new vehicles, and more. When looking beyond 3.0, though, Roberts discussed the incredible procedurally generated cit

Around 12:00 you can watch the player maneuver around a social space on Arccorp and at 22:35 you can see the tail-end of a fly-by of Area 17 before the pilot heads up to a space station (with zero loading, by the way) to give you a wider view of this technical marvel. 

The planet and others like it will maintain a level of realism with multiple landing zones and explorable spaces. To what degree? We likely won't know for quite a while but what the dev team has accomplished thus far is already quite impressive. Patch 3.0 will be released sometime soon and may good a good entry point for any interested in Star Citizen.

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