New God of War Trailer Shows Dynamic Combat on PS4

Paris Games Week was, surprisingly, the home of quite a few reveals for PlayStation. Sucker Punch stepped out of the shadows with their new open-world samurai game Ghosts of Tsushima, VR adventure Moss was given a release date, and a handful of other announcements were made. The previously announced God of War also got some shine via a new trailer showing off some more combat.

This time around, the combat looks a bit closer to what players will be engaged in. The previous trailers had some gameplay, but seemed more like proofs of concept. Fighting is just as brutal as ever in this new entry for the franchise and the trailer also showed off some more dynamic elements. Environmental hazards and interactions with Kratos's AI-controlled son show that combat will be an experience with tons of solutions. 

No release was given but the new trailer did tease an early 2018 release window.

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