Wolfenstein 2 - Enter the Oberkommando - Constrictor Harness

Wolfenstein 2 does a pretty good job of not letting players get caught up. You can easily see your next objective. There aren’t a lot of crazy puzzles or areas that resemble mazes. However, there is one point in the campaign that will throw a lot of people off if they chose the Constrictor Harness as their Contraption. It threw me off, which is why I’m going to tell you how to get by it.

Enter the Oberkommando - Constrictor Harness

As you make your way through the Venus level you’ll transition between inside and outside several times. At one point, you’ll go outside and climb several levels of stairs and find yourself on a catwalk. In front of you will be some pipes and a circular building. Now, it’s easy to see that you can bash the door to that building with your Ram Shackles. It’s also obvious that you could step over it with your Battle Walkers. However, there is no clear way to get beyond that building with your Constrictor Harness.

I spent about 15 minutes stuck on this section. It made me briefly regret the Constrictor Harness. I went back quite a way and tried everything I could do to get around it. I even tried to glitch climb up from another area, and probably could have made it had I not fallen. Finally, I stumbled on the solution.

Walk out onto the pipes and approach the door that you could break down if you had the Ram Shackles. Crouch in front of the door, and then look left or right of it. Start moving towards the left or right. There is a small gap that you can squeeze into with the Constrictor Harness. This gap runs around the building and delivers you to the other side in seconds. It’s almost impossible to see, but it’s there.

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