Destiny 2 - What Is Xur Selling - October 27, 2017 - Week 8

It's Friday so you know what time it is! Xur time! Xur's arrival signals that the weekend is nearly upon us, Guardian, so jump on your sparrow and pay him a visit. 

Where is Xur?

This time around, you can find the infamous dealer on IO near the Great Scar. If you set it to track him once you land at the closest fast-travel point, you may get a bit confused. No worries though, he's down in a nearby cave.


What is Xur Selling?

This weekend, Xur has a powerful sniper rifle as the highlight of his wares. He also has the incredibly useful Knucklehead Radar helmet for Hunters, giving them the ability to see the mini-map while aiming.

  • Exotic Sniper Rifle: D.A.R.C.I.
  • Exotic Hunter Helmet: Knucklehead Radar
  • Exotic Titan Chest Armor: Actium War Rig
  • Exotic Wizard Helmet: Eye of Another World

What Should You Buy?

Honestly and truly, if you have the currency to afford these items and you don't have them yet, go ahead and grab them. You'll never know what will come in handy in PvP or during a specific strike, nightfall, or raid. It's likely you've been working hard and have plenty of shards to grab Xur's wares this week, so treat yourself.

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