Overwatch World Cup Will Debut Spectator and Esports Improvements

With Overwatch preparing to launch a multi-million dollar Overwatch League venture, Blizzard should probably take some steps to help improve the spectator experience. The next update will look to do just that, with game director Jeff Kaplan discussing some new features set to hit Overwatch.

The new features will be on display during the Overwatch World Cup, set to take place at next weekend's BlizzCon. Look for these new additions to include:

  • Team uniforms and team color palettes, reflected in the spectator HUD
  • A top-down interactive map, to help spot individual players
  • A third-person smart camera, to capture more of the action
  • Kill feed replays, to capture more dynamite plays
  • An automated tournament interface
  • Auto-pauses during disconnects

While these features will debut next weekend, Blizzard will be taking notes as the Overwatch World Cup goes along. So look for refined ideas to hopefully be ready in time for the Overwatch League's opening weekend.

For more, be sure to check out the video below.

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