PlayerUnknown Explains PUBG 1.0 Delays

A couple days ago we reported that you'd be able to test out vaulting and climbing in the test servers for PUBG next week. The breakdown of the upcoming changes included a lot of information, but a recent twitter exchange has given us a bit more insight on the 1.0 delays.

The conversation started when Lirik, a Twitch streamer, voiced his frustration with PUBG. He called it "stale and boring" and even went as far as to call it "DayZ all over again", which refers to the usual series of events that ends with a highly popular game not getting dev support for its many issues despite the high sales. PlayerUnknown took issue with the statements and responded democratically:

He went on to explain that the engine update created a bunch of new bugs and issues, delaying the push to live servers for testing. He still says 1.0 is coming "later this year" though, so hopefully, PlayerUnknown and PUBG Corp will be able to iron out the problems sooner rather than later.

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