Red Bull Battle Grounds Will Feature VR Street Fighter 2 Bonus Stage

The road to this year's Capcom Cup is set to end in December at the upcoming PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, CA. But prior to that, Street Fighter V is heading to the annual Red Bull Battle Grounds for the Capcom Pro Tour North American Finals. For this year, the event will have something to offer for VR enthusiasts.

Red Bull Battle Grounds will include a special VR display with HTC Vive headsets, where players can try out the iconic Street Fighter II bonus stage in virtual reality. Yes, it's the bonus stage with the car, as players will take control of Ryu and punch some poor loser's vehicle into scrap metal using the Vive headset and the Vive Trackers. This bonus stage has a rich tradition in Capcom lore, finding its way into later Street Fighter incarnations, as well as Final Fight.

The Street Fighter II Bonus Stage Virtual Reality experience will only be available at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston, MA on November 18 and 19. For an idea of what to expect, let's take a look at the old-school bonus stage below.

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