Nintendo's New Game Review Policy Fails to Prevent Mario Odyssey Leaks

Nintendo has implemented very strict rules for the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey. So strict that Shacknews has yet to receive a review copy of the game. If you are a gamer that likes to avoid spoilers, let this article serve as a PSA. Super Mario Odyssey has leaked. It would be best to avoid YouTube and certain subreddits if you want to jump into the game with the same excitement and whimsy that you had the first time you played a game with your favorite Italian plumber. 

It appears that Super Mario Odyssey has had its street date broken by several retailers in Mexico. We aren't going to link any of the leaks here, but check out this gameplay footage that we shot at a Nintendo event. 

We even adhered to the NDA and embargo that Nintendo set forth at the Super Mario Odyssey preview event. It was the least we could do for a company that we have been working with for twenty-one years. Be sure to check out the most recent episode of the Shackcast to hear more about how frustrating it is to be left on the short end of the stick when doing business with Nintendo.

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