How To Transfer User, Save, And Game Data Between Nintendo Switch Systems

Nintendo Switch update version 4.0.0 has arrived, and with it, players have gained the ability to transfer their precious data to another Switch system. Making use of the new Transfer option found within the System Settings allows for the reallocation of everything from user information to save data and even games themselves, giving players the security of knowing their profile and software will remain safe in the event of an unforeseen hardware malfunction or even a friendship-ending bout of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Here's how the process works.

How To Transfer User And Save Data To Another Nintendo Switch

Before attempting to transfer their data to another Switch, there are a few things players ought to know. Firstly, both Nintendo Switch systems must be on-hand and up-to-date with the latest system software. Users will also need to make sure that a Nintendo Account is linked to the user account for which data will be transferred. Lastly, the target console cannot have more than seven users prior to the transfer, and there must be enough free space on the new system's internal storage to accomodate the data to be transferred. It's also worth noting that any data or software transferred to a new Nintendo Switch system will become unavailable for access from the old system.

With those notes out of the way, and with both Nintendo Switch systems nearby, the process is fairly straightforward:

• First, power on the source console. From the Home menu, head to System Settings, select Users, and then choose Transfer Your User and Save Data.
• Select Next, select Next once again, then select the Source Console option. This tells the system that the data will be transferred from this system to another Switch.
• Select Continue, then pick up the console to which the data will be transferred.
• Make sure the target console is powered up, and from the Home menu, head to System Settings, then Users, and select the Transfer Your User and Save Data option once again.
• Select Next once and then twice. After that, choose Target Console to let the system know it will be on the receiving end of the transfer.
• Select the Sign In option and enter the credentials for the user's Nintendo Account-linked profile in the form of an e-mail address or sign-in ID. Afterward, select Sign In, then Next.
• Pick up the source console once more — it should be searching for the target console. Once it's been found, select the Transfer option.
• Wait patiently or impatiently; dealer's choice.
• The system will eventually pop up a notification saying the process has completed. That's not exactly true — you still have to select the End option. After that, everything should be complete.

That's all there is to it. With a little bit of wireless magic, users should see that their data and other information has been transferred from one system to the other. Also, on the off chance that no user was left on the source console after transfer, a temporary placeholder account will be created that can be used until a new proper profile is set up.

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