Windlands 2 OC4 Reveal VR Gameplay Interview

Shacknews got our hands on Windlands 2, a VR game, at Oculus Connect 4 last week in San Jose. We caught up with Nick Pittom, from Psytec Games, to talk about the game and what the team has learned from their past development of VR titles. He lets us know about the new features in Windlands 2, which includes co-op gameplay, and tells us about some of the influences they drew upon for the game. Please take a look.

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Check out this extended gameplay demo of Windlands 2 that we captured at OC4. Chatty user Mad Brahmin Disease and I are fly through the sky together. Well, I do quite a bit of falling, but we had a great time doing it for Shacknews.

You can find out more about Windlands 2 at Psytec Games official website and the Windlands 2 Twitter page.

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