Guild Wars 2 Begins Annual 'Shadow of the Mad King' Event

The Halloween events are starting to kick off all around the video game world. For Guild Wars 2, that means welcoming back the undead King Oswald Thorn. The Shadow of the Mad King event has returned.

The Shadow of the Mad King's tradition dates back to the original Guild Wars. The second game's annual festivities feature a run through the King's Labyrinth, filled with haunted doors, dead ends, and giant monsters. There's also a new racing activity within the Labyrinth, in which players can ride their mounts across select tracks. Parties can also attempt to take on the Mad King himself by entering his lair or take on the Mad King's Clock Tower.

This year's event will also feature some light-hearted activities. Those players running around Lion's Arch may find the Mad King lurking about for a rousing game of Mad King Says. If they run out into Tyria, they can collect candy corn and other craftable materials to create holiday-themed armor and weapon skins.

The Shadow of the Mad King event begins today and runs through November 7. Find the full patch notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums. And for those that haven't stepped into Lion's Arch in a while, it should be noted that Guild Wars 2 is hot off the release of a whole new expansion, so it may look slightly different.

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