Team Fortress 2 Gets a Change of Scenery with 'Jungle Inferno' Update

Team Fortress 2 has come a long way in the last ten years. (Yes, it has indeed been ten whole years!) So for the game's tenth anniversary, the mercs are taking a vacation. And that vacation involves hitting a lush tropical jungle filled with massive monsters.

With that said, in Saxton Hale's words, "Welcome to Jurassic Yeti Mercenary Park!" He said "Mercenary Park." He certainly didn't say something else that's copyrighted, no sir. And with Saxton Hale having punched the last yeti to pieces (literally, as seen in the video below), the island has now become the latest battleground for TF2's dueling mercenaries.

Team Fortress 2's Jungle Inferno update promises to be one of the game's biggest updates in recent years. Valve promises to release new details about the game's latest update over the course of the week, so the first day sees the team unveiling the newest control point map, the aforementioned Mercenary Park. The TF2 community has also gotten in on the fun, with Valve also releasing five community-created maps: Lazarus (King of the Hill), Mossrock (Attack/Defend), Banana Bay (Payload Race), Enclosure (Payload), and Brazil (King of the Hill).

If nothing else, the Jungle Inferno update promises to offer a complete change of scenary for the industry-focused TF2. Look for more details about TF2's Jungle Inferno update, including its deployment date, in the coming days. In the meantime, let's enjoy one of the new taunts set to arrive with the next patch, where everybody learns that yetis are made of cardboard!

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