Zeku Rounds Out Street Fighter 5 Season 2 DLC Characters

Capcom traveled overseas this weekend for South East Major 2017 and had a surprise in store for the tournament's attendees. The publisher unveiled the final Season 2 character for Street Fighter V, rounding things out with ninjas!

Zeku is Guy's former master from Street Fighter Alpha 2. He certainly plays similarly to how Guy did in Ultra Street Fighter 4, utilizing long-reach strikes, swiftness, teleports, and air stomps. His aggressive style allows him to dazzle opponents with multi-hit combos, culminating with a Critical Art that looks most similar to Spider-Man's "Maximum Spider" super from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Zeku rounds out the Street Fighter V Season 2 cast and is set to arrive on October 24. Those looking to pick it up on PS4 have some time to grab it at a discount as part of this weekend's PlayStation Flash Sale. Check out what Zeku can do in the video below.

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