Battlefield Franchise Celebrates 15 Years with Double XP Across Four Games

This week not only marks one year since Battlefield 1 was released, but it also marks the 15-year anniversary of the whole Battlefield franchise. Publisher EA is understandably looking to celebrate this milestone and it plans to do so across multiple Battlefield games.

Battlefield 1 players that log in starting Thursday will receive special Battlefield 15th Anniversary and Battlefield 1 Anniversary Dog Tag items. But beyond that, Battlefield 1 players will get double XP from Thursday through Saturday, October 14. For those players that are still on previous Battlefront games, the double XP promotion will also extend to Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Hardline. More information about Battlefield's anniversary festivities can be found on the Battlefield website.

Coincidentally, this double XP weekend has arrived just in time for Battlefield 1's October update. One of the big changes involves the removal of the 40-player Operations option, which is something DICE hopes will optimize matchmaking times. There are also dozens of bug fixes and balance tweaks in this new update, all of which can also be found on the Battlefield website.

Those looking for details on these changes in video form can check out the Battlefield livestream from Wednesday below.

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