Zuckerberg Introduces Oculus Go, Standalone $199 VR Headset

Zuckerberg took the stage during the Oculus Connect keynote and set an ambitious goal of getting 1 billion people into virtual reality. A large part of that, something Zuckerburg came to realize when traveling the world, is increasing the accessibility of quality VR. Mobile is very accessible but is limited when it comes to power. PC VR is incredibly powerful, but is expensive and tethered to expensive PCs. He then announced the new Oculus product that attempts to marry accessibility and power: Oculus Go.

The new headset is a standalone unit, meaning it won't have to be tethered to a PC or smartphone. It will be priced at the very reasonable price of $199.

Oculus GO ships with a custom optical design built on a 2560×1440 LCD panel. Features lenses same wide field of view of Oculus Rift and significantly reduced glare. The lenses are the next generation of the lenses being used on Oculus Rift. The Go also features spatial audio built right into the headset.

Binary compatibility with Gear VR meaning developers will be building for both at the same time. Oculus Go dev kits ship out in November and the best VR content will be launched on Go.


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