Heroes of the Storm Video Explains How to Annoy with Overwatch's Junkrat

Junkrat has cemented himself as one of Overwatch's most popular characters, through his wacky mannerisms and also through his penchant to annoy opponents with his endless array of explosives. So now Junkrat is taking his act to the Nexus as the next member of the Heroes of the Storm roster.

As one would expect out of Junkrat, his trait is Total Mayhem, in which he drops five grenades that all explode after 0.75 seconds. Each of the grenades deals 250 damage to nearby foes, giving Junkrat a tempting reason to kamikaze himself at certain points in the game. It also makes Nexus rushes near the end of the game a hairier proposition for teams on offense, since a well-placed Junkrat death could do some heavy damage.

Here are Junkrat's attacks and abilities:

  • (Q) Frag Launcher - Junkrat fires off grenades, which can deal direct damage to enemies. They can also bounce off terrain, allowing for skill shots. It only does half-damage to structures, though.
  • (W) Concussion Mine - Junkrat places a land mine that damages and knocks back enemies. While the explosion won't damage Junkrat, if he's caught in the blast, he'll also be knocked back, allowing him to plot out quick escapes. If Junkrat dies near any of his mines, his Total Mayhem trait can trigger them.
  • (E) Steel Trap - This trap is placed on the ground and does middling damage to an enemy, while also trapping them for two seconds.
  • (R1) RIP-Tire - Did anyone really think Junkrat wasn't bringing his notorious Overwatch Ultimate along with him? Activating this Heroic Ability leaves Junkrat immobile, as players control a motorized bomb with 500 Health and a 15-second timer. Enemies caught in the center of the blast take 750 damage, while those caught in its outside radius take 450 damage.
  • (R2) Rocket Ride - With Rocket Ride, Junkrat becomes an explosive projectile himself. After a 1.25 second activation, Junkrat will take to the skies and can be steered into any nearby target. He'll land on his target 3.5 seconds later, dealing a whopping 780 damage and activating his Total Mayhem trait on top of that. The most underrated aspect of this move? Junkrat will warp back to the Altar after another 5 seconds, allowing him to either regroup or rush back into the fight with a 150% Movement Speed boost.

Junkrat will look to cement himself as the crowd control hero of choice for the Heroes of the Storm world. Those on the Public Test Realm can start picking up the Overwatch hero today. The full PTR patch notes can be found here For more on how to wreak havoc with Junkrat, watch the video below.

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