Ghost Recon: Wildlands Free Weekend Will Introduce Ghost War PVP

Ubisoft is hoping their open-world shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands will find new life or even a new audience with the upcoming Ghost War PVP free update and they're opening up the door with a free weekend that runs October 12 to October 15. 

The upcoming free weekend will give full access to the base game where players are tasked with taking down a drug empire that has taken root in Bolivia. Players could work with three AI companions as they completed the many tasks scattered around the open-world or they could team up with friends, which is where the game really shined. The fantastic co-operative experience was unfortunately hindered by downfalls in exploration and repetitive missions, as noted in our review of the base game, but Ghost War is a new flavor all its own. 

Ghost War is WIldland's new PvP game mode that takes sections of the base game's open world and sets them up for tense 4 v 4 tactical conflicts. There's no respawn in the mode we tested during the beta, but players can be revived by their teammates. With some careful resource management and map awareness, a solo player can turn the tide entirely. Players have access to 12 classes and teams must balance their choices out to get a strategic edge in conflicts.

The download for the free weekend is available to be pre-loaded on PC starting today and the Ghost War mode will be added for current Wildlands owners via free update across all platforms on tomorrow, October 10. The game will also be available at a 50% discount. 

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