Google Clips Camera Uses AI Learning to Capture Family Photos

Google concluded its Wednesday morning presentation by focusing on photos. Google Clips is a special kind of camera that will work in conjunction with Google Pixel.

Google Clips centers around the idea of using an AI core to recognize photogenic moments, recognizing people and subjects. This way, users can simply live in the moment without having to focus on placing the camera or posing the family. The AI is expected to get smarter over time. However, the key feature here is that the processing is all done natively to the device, with none of the images being uploaded to the Cloud, eliminating a major privacy concern out of the gate.

The Google Clips camera is palm-sized, light enough to fit in a pocket. It's also hands-free and comes with a clip, so that it can be placed anywhere.

Google Clips is coming soon and will be available for $249.

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