Telltale Games: 'No Series Is Out Of The Question' For Switch Port

Telltale has established itself as the premier destination for interactive cinematic adventure games, acquiring a plethora of popular licenses due to the developer's keen ability to translate well-known fiction to the interactive medium. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, gamers have been keeping an eye on what third-party titles are getting ported over. Telltale's Creative Communications head Job Stauffer says every title is fair game because "plain and simple, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect match for Telltale."

Stauffer said such while chatting with MCV at Gamescom. TellTale's entire portfolio, future and past titles, is under consideration for Nintendo Switch ports.

"The next game you'll see [on Switch] after Minecraft may very well be the first season of Batman, as it's still fresh in the studio right now," Stauffer says. "We expect to follow it up soon with other titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two." 

Outside of expressing that development on the Switch has been "seamless" and "perfectly suited" to what Telltale does, Stauffer didn't give further details on exactly how the Switch is perfect for the developer team. Nevertheless, it's great to see a third-party developer gung-ho to bring their experiences to the Switch and this type of effort will be instrumental in Nintendo reaching a certain major milestone.

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