Pac-Man Goes EatSports with 'Battle Casino' Designed for Las Vegas Gambling

Pac-Man has been around since the dawn of video games, with the dot-muncher gracing every gaming platform imaginable, starting with his original arcade release. Now Pac-Man is set to conquer a wildly unexpected new frontier: the world of casino gambling.

A report by Compete (the esports wing of Kotaku and Deadspin) points to the existence of Pac-Man Battle Casino, a collaboration between publisher Bandai Namco and casino gaming designers Gamblit Gaming. The tabletop game would look similar to the cocktail table versions of Pac-Man Battle Royale and play in almost the same fashion, pitting four Pac-Man players against one another. Like Battle Royale, the idea is to be the last Pac-Man standing, attempting to outlast the other Pac-Men against CPU-controlled ghosts. Players place their bets prior to the start of each session and compete for a prize randomly determined at the start of each round.

What makes Battle Casino unique is that it's one of the first instances of skill-based video game gambling. While slot machines have adopted video displays, they're still mainly games of chance. Success in Battle Casino is entirely dependent on one's skill as a Pac-Man player.

Look for the first Pac-Man Battle Casino machines to pop up at next week's G2E trade show in Las Vegas, NV, with permanent casino hosts set to be announced.

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