Layoffs Hit Volition Following Poor Agents of Mayhem Sales

Volition Inc., the developer responsible for a variety of games including numerous Red Faction and Saints Row titles (and most recently, Agents of Mayhem), has laid off more than 30 team members. Those impacted reportedly include general manager Dan Cermak, an industry veteran who worked for SSI before eventually settling at Volition.

Kotaku reported the layoffs earlier today, citing three unnamed sources. There has been no confirmation just yet from Volition or its publisher, Deep Silver, though we have requested an official statement and will update this story in the event that we receive one.

It seems like only last month (because it actually was), Agents of Mayhem was arriving in stores with plenty of buzz attached. Unfortunately, buzz doesn’t always translate to sales. Agents of Mayhem, though a decent game, was unable to build on the success of its predecessors. Retailers are already offering the $60 game at generous discounts.

Though it is alarming to see a studio lay off 30 workers, it’s not uncommon within the industry for significant layoffs to follow the release of a large project, given the cyclical nature of development. Volition’s official site still features posts looking for fresh talent “as we start our next exciting project,” though the company hasn’t had much to share in public since early this month.

Volition was founded in 1996, and is based in Champaign, Illinois. Long owned by THQ, the company was sold to Koch Media in early 2013. The acquisition did not include the rights to numerous Volition projects, such as FreeSpace, Summoner, and Red Faction.

We hope for the best for all affected by the layoffs, and for those who will continue to labor at Volition as they work on the next project. Here’s hoping that eventual release delights gamers and finds the sort of commercial success Deep Silver has in mind.

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