Palmer Luckey Will Do 'Anything To Help the VR Industry'

Speaking at a VAQSO panel at Tokyo Game Show 2017, Palmer Luckey spoke about virtual reality and his views on future VR products. VAQSO is demonstrating a smell-producing attachment for VR HMDs and the early part of the panel was spent discussing the product. The moderators pivoted the discussion to broader VR topics. 

Palmer went on to say some interesting things about the medium which he helped bring to consumers several years ago at Oculus. "Anything to help VR, I'll do it," said Luckey when he was thanked by the panelists for stopping by their booth. When asked about the pace at which consumer adoption of VR HMDs has been going he pointed to the problem of waiting for the next great VR HMD. "VR is always going to be getting better," if you wait forever you will never end up experiencing it.

One of the most interesting moments of the panel came when Palmer gave a hint at what he is currently working on. "I think the future of virtual reality is implant technology," said Luckey. He went on to say that "I can't talk about my ideas. They're too crazy." It definitely seems like Palmer is still interested in working on VR technology but he also commented that there are a ton of HMDs hitting the market. It doesn't seem like making another VR head-mounted display is something that interests him, which makes the rumors that he may acquire HTC Vive swirling around his appearance today at their TGS 2017 booth seem pretty unlikely.

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