Overwatch Patch Has No Mercy on 'Resurrect' Ultimate; Adds Junkertown

The junkyard is officially open for business. The newest Overatch update adds Junkertown to the game's rotation, opening the doors to this three-part payload map, along with a few other noteworthy updates.

Blizzard recently went behind the scenes with Junkertown's design. Start out along the outskirts of Roadhog's farm and end inside the Scrapyard, fighting around a central turbine that's spinning overhead.

Elsewhere in today's patch, the initiative to weed out bad players has begun. At least on the Xbox One, it has. Xbox One users with "Avoid Me" reputations will still be matched up with other Overwatch players, but will have their in-game voice communication blocked.

Balance tweaks have also been issued, which includes Blizzard delivering on some changes teased three weeks ago. That means changes to D.Va's Defense Matrix, which has been adjusted with a new ability. It also issues a major nerf to Mercy's Resurrect, which is no longer an Ultimate. Resurrect now targets one player, instead of all players in a certain radius. This means Mercy's new Ultimate is Valkyrie, which powers up her suit and enhances all of her abilities for 20 seconds. More information on the latest patch's changes can be found on the Overwatch forums.

As a reminder, those looking to try out the newest patch without picking up Overwatch won't have very long to wait. Blizzard is offering a free weekend for users across all of the game's platforms.

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